Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's the Final Countdown!

Happy Hump Day!

Or is it? Wednesday means it's just a few short days until the big race. I'm currently feeling every emotion under the sun, from energized, to excited, to scared to anxious to thankful.

So, let me elaborate...

After feeling overwhelmingly sore after Saturday's "challenge", I just wasn't sure how this week was going to shape up. Add in the fact that I had a lot of things planned socially, I also wasn't sure when I would have time to round out my training. After going to happy hour yesterday (and not drinking), I rushed home in hopes I would get a good run in and that's exactly what I did! I had a great 3 mile run that I finished in just over 27 minutes. 27:14 to be exact. It felt great to hit the road, and helped me to become energized that I'm still in this and I'm ready!

I had the chance to sneak out of work on Monday and head over to the new REI store in SoHo. After an unsuccessful shopping trip on Sunday for work out clothes, I knew that was still on my to do list. I found a great top that I know I'll look good and feel good wearing during the race. Not only am I excited for my outfit, but I'm excited to be with friends! Right now we're in the process of planning our pasta party for the night before and planning brunch for after the run. There's no better way to celebrate and prepare for a race than with friends.

Scared AND Anxious
I think these two go hand in hand. I'm still scared at the number 10. It just seems like A LOT! I know that I can do this, so I keep reminding myself that, but some days, it's still scary. In the same sense, I'm just anxious about the number 10. I'm anxious for what it will bring and how I'll feel as I'm running along to the finish line. I hope that I can keep my nerves in check for the next couple of days, so keeping my mind off the race is important.

I am SO incredibly thankful for my amazing friends and family that have been and continue to support me through this journey. While it may not be a marathon, or even a half marathon, it's still a big goal that I'm trying to achieve for myself. I'm thankful that I'll see some friendly faces during the race and at the finish line and I'm also thankful that I will definitely be armed with the best playlist of any of the runners out there.

For now, it's off to my boxing class for my last "cross-training" workout before the race!

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