Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crisp New England Weather

One day it's 60 degrees in NYC and the next it's 30 degrees with 60 mph winds outside of Boston! Oh Mother Nature how you confuse me!

I laced up my sneakers and put on my head warmer and got the courage to go running this morning before Karen and I started our day! I never really know what to do before I run in the morning. Do I eat? Do I not eat? How long do I really need before my body is awake? So many questions! Top that off with being in a different city and you have just a normal run.

I did 2 miles in exactly 20 minutes which is fine with me since I was so cold and it was so windy tears were streaming down my face! I think overall it was a great run and shows me that I can run anywhere. I hope that running in different cities will be beneficial to my training so I get used to different terrains and such.

Anywho after running two miles I treated myself to a few tasting beers at the Sam Adams Brewery. Not a bad day in Boston!

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