Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work Train Fight

A few weeks ago I bought a deal at a boxing gym near my office. Once I finally made the move to quit NYSC at the beginning of this year I felt like I could finally explore other outlets to workout.

The deal offered 4 boxing classes for $35 and when one class is normally $35 how could you pass this up!

Tonight was my third class and I wish that I more than one left. This workout leaves you physically and mentally drained. It's a lot of core and A LOT of arms which I don't get as much of as I would like, so I know it's worth it!

Wednesdays are supposed to be 'cross training' nights which typically means some form of cardio other than running. I think boxing class definitely counts as my heart rate was racing!

One of the girls in the class tonight mentioned there was a deal on a different site today for 6 classes for $44 but by the time I got home it was sold out. :( They do have another deal for personal training sessions so I may consider buying that since I'm sure that it couldn't hurt my training process.

So, day #2 and I can say that hopefully all of this work will pay off.

If you're interested here is the link for the gym:

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